Cleaning and degreasing

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CYCLONE HP - High adherence, chlorinated sanitizing and degreasing cleaner 3,8 L
ENERGIC Aerosol oven cleaner 550 G
FAST-TRAK - Sanitizing for cutting boards 1L
MERLIN - cleaner for griddles, hot plates and fryers
MIRAJEL - Gel cleaner for ovens, fryers and hotplates
MIRAJEL RTU - Cleaner for ovens, fryers and hotplates
NANOX 1 - Remodeling cream for deep cleaning 500ml
NANOX 2 - Stainless steel polish and cleaner 750 ml
OURAGAN HP - High performance degreasing detergent
SPRINT RTU sanitizing deodorizing degreasing cleaner
SPRINT-F - Sanitizing degreasing detergent
STONET - All-purpose descaling acid cleaner
SUB-ZERO - Detergent for commercial freezers 3,8 L